Proto zone

The BGF supports the creation of games. To discover the games of tommorrow, we have an area dedicated to new creations still in development. An opportunity for authors, beginners or confirmed, to test their games and meet editors. It’s also a nice opportunity for the public to discover the road a game needs to travel before being published.

Selection 2018

  • Wild Lottery – Jean-Baptiste de Borman
  • The Belgian Beers Race – Michaël Boutriaux
  • Apollo 30 – Geoffroy SIMON – Caroline Clabots – Nathalie Zandecki
  • Mortal Basket – Benjamin François
  • Stratagemmes – Eric Baccala
  • Cour : Renaissance – Meurisse Enguerran
  • Zeppelin Crashers – David FLIES et Patrick Beukeleirs
  • Canyon Cup – François Pirson et Simon Pirson
  • Gangsta – Yves Rosenbaum
  • Wheels War – Baptiste Laurent
  • Curulis Quest – Marneffe Philippe
  • The Last Scavenger – Guillaume Sanchez & Mark Vaughn
  • Nebula – Camille Boissel
  • Genius Brains – Cyril Billard
  • Retour sur terre – Thomas Crussard et Julie Geenens
  • Board Trotter – Thomas Mihalic Lusa
  • Black Hole – Frédéric Crussard
  • Huakan – Antoine Collombat
  • Harpagons – Guillaume Scholz
  • Warriors – Les guerriers du Montpelée – Audrey DON
  • Encastra Tours – Sabrina Smet & Carole Smet
  • Tracks – Francis Collie
  • Pow Wow – Terry V.

Golden Meeple-Pis

The Golden Meeple Pis is a contest for game designers. Visitors of the BGF will be able to choose their favorite prototype at the Proto Zone. The winner gets to present their game at the ProtoLab at the Cannes Games Festival (FIJ) which takes place between February 20th-25th, 2019.

The ProtoLab offers space for exchange and experimentation, and is designed to promote the work of game designers, to let them meet industry professionals and potential players, and to introduce them to the ins and outs of the game industry.

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