Dear friends,

It is with deep disappointment that we write to you today to announce the cancellation of the 2022 edition of the Brussels Games Festival.

The Brussels Games Festival is 32 hours (and even more!) of games, animations of all kinds, tournaments, a games market, a protozone, publishers, distributors, shops, associations, a network of partners closely associated with the organization of the festival, more than a hundred dynamic and motivated volunteers, as well as a team made up entirely of volunteers.

These last two years were disrupted (as everywhere else) by the health situation, but we managed to maintain a fun event in our beautiful capital, in virtual and nomadic versions, which required less logistics on our part.

The team suffered a lot from these two editions but never lost the course.

Since November 2021, we have been meeting very regularly in order to organize a 2022 edition that would be as exceptional as possible, and full of surprises. Unfortunately, we have fallen behind in many aspects of the organization. As the team is made up entirely of volunteers, we do not always have as much time as we would like to make progress on our ideas.

In order not to be confronted with logistical and human impossibilities, it seems more prudent to cancel this edition and to put our energy into smaller projects.

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that the BGF 2022 will not take place!

But Brussels will play this summer!

If you have any events to share, please do not hesitate to share them with us, we will relay them on our social networks with great pleasure.

For the last weekend of August, we encourage our partner venues to propose special events... We won't be coordinating these this year, but don't hesitate to come back to us so that we can talk about them on our social media (and come in person!)

On our side, as every year, we will offer you game animations during the summer in the framework of the "Vaux Hall Summer" organized by the City of Brussels. From the 19th of June until the 14th of August, you can find us every Sunday from 3pm to 8pm in the Brussels park.

We are sorry for this sad news, but we promise you that we will do our best to keep the game alive with our means and with all our passion!

Have a great summer...

We look forward to play with you!

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