Just like every other year, the Brussels Games Festival was supposed to take place in the Cinquantenaire Park during the last weekend of August, where plenty of exhibitors and visitors would be able to fulfill their gaming needs.

However, 2020 has turned out to be a strange year, which means that the festival won’t be taking place in its traditional format. Luckily, we were able to prepare a BGF On Tour thanks to the creativity of our team and the motivation of our many partners!

We have prepared a custom schedule for you, with places to play and virtual activities that will be available both in English and in Dutch.

We therefore invite you to discover them below…

BGF in Brussels

During the BGF weekend, you’ll be able to play and buy games at several locations, and solve riddles. Discover them together with your bubble!

It stands to reason that we encourage you to respect the sanitary regulations when visiting a certain location. Put on your mask, clean your hands upon entry, stay inside of your bubble, and so on. In short: take care of yourself and others!

Download the program and check out the interactive map to find out about all our the gaming partners spread throughout Brussels for this quite special edition: 7 game cafés and game libraries, 6 escape rooms and 5 breweries of the Brussels Beer Race

BGF Online

Not everyone will be able to make it to Brussels. To ensure that you’ll also be able to participate in BGF On Tour from a distance, we’ve prepared a diverse virtual schedule. There will be something for everybody.

We will be live on Facebook all weekend long. Because our team is French-speaking, most of the important content will be in French.

Nevertheless, we will be subtitling a number of videos in Dutch, and we’ll also have 2 short broadcasts in Dutch.

Dernières vidéos

Nos partenaires

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