Program of the BGF On Tour 2021

Find out the complete program of the Brussels Games Festival 2021.
This year, we offer you an "ON TOUR" part (on different places in and outside Brussels) and an "ONLINE" program (which happens on your computer). Whether you are near or far from us, you can participate in our activities!

Program of saturday 28/08

Board Game Arena
Dé Joueur
Escape Hunt
Escape Prod
Espace Lumen
Fox & Cie City 2
Kings & Queens Cafe
Koezio Brussels
La Luck Bruxelles
Les Saigneurs du Chaos
Le Bar à Jeux
Le Grenier d’Elvire
Ludothèque de l'Espace Paul Delvaux
Meltdown Brussels
Parc de Wolvendael
Porte de Hal
11:00-12:30 - ATWITCH
Discussion with Guillaume from Lucky Duck Games
How do you create and develop a transmedia game? Lucky Duck Games has been working for several years on the development of digital hybrid games. How does the public apprehend these new ways of playing? And what advantages can they bring?
14:00-16:00 - ATWITCH
Meet the protozone authors
Come chat with the authors highlighted by BGF and check out their prototypes!
19:30-22:00 - ATWITCH
Quiz around the board games
In what year was Catan published? What are the colors of the Adventurers of the Rail cars? Deep down, do you really know your favorite hobby? Now's the time to find out and see if you have a better memory than your friends.
13:00-16:00 - BGA

Tournament page

40 spots in the tournament.

16:30-19:30 - BGA
7 Wonders

Tournament page

49 spots in the tournament.

11:00-01:00 - DE_JOUEUR
Free access games
With nice animators.
11:00-19:00 - DE_JOUEUR
Editor : BYR Games

Games : The Belgian Beers Race, The Festival

11:00-19:00 - DE_JOUEUR
Editor : Geek Attitude Games

Games : Pessoa, Aquarena, Magellan: Elcano

10:00-22:00 - ENYGMA
Escape Room
Available rooms: Sherlock, Résidence de Mr. Fogg, Le temple Maya, Nautilus
09:30-22:00 - ESCAPE_HUNT
Escape Room

Available rooms: Intrusion À La Tour Japonaise, Mystère Au Bar Du Canal, Le Vol Du Manneken Pis, The Greenhouse.

For BGF visitors, a special discount: CODE BGF2021 = -20% from 8/26 to 8/30!!!

10:00-22:00 - ESCAPE_PROD
Escape Room
Available rooms : L'évasion des Dalton, Blacksad, Mission Museum, Space Alert
12:00-18:00 - ESPACE_LUMEN
Games market
Let's give a new chance to hundreds of board games that are piling up on the shelves, doomed to oblivion. Maybe you'll find THE jewel that was missing from your game library.
12:00-18:00 - ESPACE_LUMEN
Les poilus

An exhibition to (re)discover the game "Les Poilus" by Juan Rodriguez and Fabien Riffaud, illustrated by Tignous.

12:00-18:00 - ESPACE_LUMEN
Raffle Meeple Solidaire
The prizes of the raffle can be collected at the same time as those of the game market.
14:30-16:00 - FOX_COMPAGNIE_CITY2
Signing Session
Théo Rivière will be present at Fox & Cie in City 2 for a small signing session of your games on Saturday, August 28 from 14:30 to 16:00
11:00-19:00 - KINGS_AND_QUEENS
Free access games
The BGF's game library invites itself to the Kings & Queens to present the greatest classics and the latest novelties from our partners.
14:00-01:00 - KINGS_AND_QUEENS
Go & Majong
Take a deep dive into the heart of Asia by discovering some of their iconic games with Brussels Mahjong club and Belgian Go Federation.
10:00-21:00 - KOEZIO
Indoor adventure game
Experience a lot of thrills in this indoor adventure game, take on the challenge of the "elite agents" mission with your team.
11:00-19:00 - LA_LUCK
Editor : Act In Games

Act In Games is a board game publisher based in Brussels, Belgium, specialized in custom games.

Games : Feelings, Feelings Révélation, Association 10 dés

11:00-19:00 - LA_LUCK
Editor : Schmeta Games

Games : Gangsta, San Gimignano

14:00-01:00 - LE_BAR_A_JEUX
Free access games
Come and play the new games of the year, or other classics among the 500 games in their library.
14:00-18:00 - LE_BAR_A_JEUX
Escape Box
An Escape Box is a concentration of enigmas to be solved in a few minutes. Come and take up the challenge!
11:00-19:00 - LE_GRENIER_DELVIRE
Introduction to the Starwars X-WING 2.0 miniatures game
11:00-19:00 - LE_GRENIER_DELVIRE
Editor : LudoTech

Games : OLEM

11:00-19:00 - LE_GRENIER_DELVIRE
Editor : Blue Orange

Blue Orange was created in 2005 in order to enhance the Blue Orange brand worldwide. We are based in France and we publish and distribute our brand in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Games : Dragomino, Block Ness, Kameloot, Bellum Magica, Taco Chapeau Gâteau Cadeau Pizza

Role Playing Game

The role-playing club offers two gaming tables.

All details here.

Free access games
Come and discover the wide selection of games offered by the game library.
Loan service
The lending service of the game library is available upon reservation.
Role Playing Game
Come venture into strange worlds during one of our role-playing sessions.

Registration required:

18:00-20:00 - MELTDOWN
Giant Werewolf.
19:30-22:00 - MELTDOWN
Quiz around the board game by SaggiAnim : In which year was published Catan ? What are the colors of the Adventurers of the Rail cars? Do you really know your favorite hobby? It's time to find out and see if you have a better memory than your friends.
16:00-20:00 - MELTDOWN
Editor : Editions FIKA

Games : Intime conviction

16:00-20:00 - MELTDOWN
Editor : Sitdown!

Games : Rush Out, Dive, Ekö, Gravity Superstar, Magic Maze on Mars, Wormlord

16:00-20:00 - MELTDOWN
Editor : Geronimo

Games : Selection of games distributed by Geronimo

16:00-22:00 - PARC_WOLVENDAEL
The Night in Wolvendael

The program includes shows, cultural activities, fun workshops, concerts, storytelling, tasty food trucks and even a folk dance in the evening.

16:00-19:00 - PARC_WOLVENDAEL
Treasure hunt
For kids: the recipe for making board games is missing! Come help us find it.

Requires a smartphone with the Atlantis app

14:00-18:00 - PORTE_DE_HAL
Investigation in the city

BeDetectives invites you to take part in one of its city investigations/treasure hunts: 'Brussel Boentje'. Experience a typical Brussels adventure, helping a real "brusseleir", played by one of our actresses. By solving riddles and discovering clues, help her find her Eugene.

  • When? Two departures: 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm
  • Where? Departure from Porte de Hal (arrival in the center of Brussels)
  • How? Reserve your place by contacting us at the following address: Please note that places are limited (max. 15 people per group)
  • How much? €15 p.p. (€7.5 for children under 12); payment on site
18:00-01:00 - V4
Free access games
12:00-19:00 - WOKR17
Treasure hunt

For adults: Adventurers of the Lost Meeple!

Requires a smartphone with the Atlantis app

12:00-19:00 - WOKR17
Editor : Haumea Games

Haumea Games is a young Belgian board game publisher. Our first board game is Valroc, a worker placement game with a medieval fantasy universe. Respect for authors, illustrators and players are our priorities!

Games : Valroc

12:00-19:00 - WOKR17
Editor : GigaWatt

Games : GigaWatt

Partner : BXL La ville / De Stad
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Partner : Cocof
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