The BGF 2019 is in full preparation. The team is hard at work to make this seventh edition even better than the previous three. But to achieve this, we need your (board game) friends, or even your family. To offer an unforgettable weekend to our visitors, we are searching for motivated individuals who can bring their volunteering talents.
Whatever your availability: one hour, a half day, a whole day, or maybe if you want to prove that you can go on for 32 hours in a row… Sign up now!

Become a volunteer

  • You are available and likeable.
  • Your are punctual and respect the planning.
  • You know one or more board games, role playing games or other types of games and can explain them to beginners.
  • You can encourage people to play games together.
  • You have the energy to help us assemble and disassemble the infrastructure.
  • You have a first aid certificate and want to provide help to the BGF.
  • You have a type B driver’s license and are a responsible driver.
  • You have some time to spend putting up posters and handing out flyers.

If one or more of these criteria apply to you, then don’t hesitate to sign up!

For more information, contact Stéphanie at the following email address:

Form available soon

Form available soon

Good to know

There will be at least one info session before the festival. The organisation will supply a meal for every block of 6h, including drinks to rehydrate. The organizers will also take care of time slots for you to rest and enjoy the festival.

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