⚠ Information about the 2024 edition is coming soon! ⚠

If you’re a festival visitor and don’t want to sell any games, you’ll find information on how to get access to the Games Market here.

How does it work?

This year, the Brussels Games Festival’s Games Market will take the form of a sales depot.

If you’d like to sell one or more games at the BGF Games Market, it’s easy. To get started, <Link available soon> (it’s available in Word and PDF versions).

Once you’ve downloaded the form, all you have to do is fill it in (you can sell up to a maximum of 50 games) and send it back to us by e-mail at: <Link available soon>

You will then receive a confirmation email with practical information.

When will the Games Market of the BGF take place?

More info on opening hours soon.

When can I drop off the games I want to sell?

You can drop off your games at the sale depot at the following times:

The dates will be announced shortly.

You’ll also be able to drop them off during the market hours (12pm to 6pm), but waiting times may be longer.

Can I deposit as many games as I like?

There is a limit of 50 games per person who has completed the registration form.

Can I sell what I want?

The games you drop off at the games market must be complete and in good condition. They must be available for consultation by buyers.

The BGF team accepts no responsibility for the condition of the games sold. Without any clarification from the seller, any game deposited is considered complete.

Not accepted :

  • Toys
  • Trading cards
  • Games without containers
  • Game accessories only
  • Books not related to the game

The organizers reserve the right to refuse to sell games that are damaged, incomplete or do not correspond to the spirit of a flea market dedicated to board games.

The BGF team will do everything in its power to ensure that the game fair runs smoothly. Nevertheless, we decline all responsibility in the event of the disappearance or deterioration of game parts or boxes.

So I can deposit 50 games for free?

There is no charge for depositing and storing your games during the 3-day festival, however, the organization will take a 10% commission on games sold only.

Can I get my money back directly after the festival?

The money resulting from the sale of games, from which the BGF commission will have been deducted, will be paid within 15 working days into the account given at the end of this form. (There will be no cash payments).

When can I collect my unsold games?

You can pick up your games between 4pm and 7pm on the date you ticked on the drop-sale form.

Games not picked up at the end of the sale will be kept in storage for a maximum of 4 weeks.
To pick them up, please contact Cubitus at the following address coordination@brusselsgamesfestival.be.

After this period, unclaimed games will be considered as a donation to Ludiris asbl, organizer of the festival.