Program of the BGF On Tour 2021

Find out the complete program of the Brussels Games Festival 2021.
This year, we offer you an "ON TOUR" part (on different places in and outside Brussels) and an "ONLINE" program (which happens on your computer). Whether you are near or far from us, you can participate in our activities!


Here is the full program in the PDF format(Opens in a new window).


Following the floods that hit part of Belgium a few weeks ago, a charity carried by members of the Belgian gaming community was born: the Meeple Solidaire.

Our goal is to offer games to those who lost everything during the floods, via a collection of games and donations and fundraising. To do this, various actions have been set up. And the BGF is participating, of course!

  • Game collection: bring your complete games in good condition to one of the collection locations(Opens in a new window). During the festival, the stores Daedalus and Fox & Co. as well as La Luck and Le Bar à Jeux will gladly collect your games!
  • Tombola: A Tombola night takes place on Friday, August 27 from 9pm to 11pm. BGF is partnering with La Luck to bring you this unique event. Great prizes will be available. If you win prizes during the raffle organized by Meeple Solidaire, come and pick them up at the Lumen space, at the same place and time as our Games Market!

For more information, visit the website of Meeple Solidaire(Opens in a new window)!


  • Please bring your mask, and smile underneath.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Follow the instructions of the places you go to, as well as our lovely volunteers.
  • Order food and/or drink to help our kind hospitality partners. Let's not forget that they offer us the chance to organize this edition. Support them in your own way.
  • Test as many games as you can.
  • Participate in online and/or in-town activities.
  • Have fun!!!


The BGF team is not planning on food or drink for the public this year. It has decided to leave this to its partners.


The tournaments take place on BoardGameArena, in the swiss round format of 4 games of 45 minutes maximum. Not accessible to "beginners" and "apprentices" (according to BGA).

Registration opens on August 23.


Locations or activities that require a reservation are marked with the (reservation) icon. All other venues welcome you freely, unless they have reached maximum capacity. Please respect the measurements and move to another venue if this is the case.

Partner : BXL La ville / De Stad
Partner :
Partner : Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles
Partner : Cocof
Partner : BX1
Partner :
Partner : Inspired Gaming
Partner : Cleonis
Partner : Tomorrows Boardgames Club
Partner : Digital TransMedia
Partner : Des Jeux Une Fois
Partner : Meeple Solidaire